Why Do We Always Want New Clothes?

There are tons and tons of clothes out there for any budget. But what to do if you can’t seem to get enough? You like lots of clothes and you just wish to have enough money to buy them all. And this never ends, you are always craving for more.

This is a familiar situation for many women, so you are not alone in this. However, it is not out of the question for some men to feel that they never have enough clothes either.

But there is more to this than meets the eye. We are talking about regular people here with limited financial resources, not about millionaires who have nothing else to do than to shop the whole day long. So what could be behind this hunger for shopping clothes?

Whether you consider yourself to be a shopaholic or not, buying clothes can be some kind of addiction in itself. And it’s not only about filling your wardrobe, but it can sometimes indicate that you are trying to fill some holes in your own soul.

There are several possible reasons why a person always wants to get new clothes:

Always wanting to be in fashion

Always wanting to be in fashion

If you want to always be trendy, don’t hang on tight to that budget of yours because the trends keep changing fast. Also, many brands invent tends of their own so it is really though to keep up with everything from a financial standpoint.

Not to mention that it is pretty time-consuming as well to always look for updates from runways and new collections. It’s best to make peace with the fact that you can’t get the trendiest clothing items all the time and that is perfectly fine.

Also, be selective. Some hits might not be flattering your figure so focus on getting clothes that fit you nicely instead of anything fresh that might come up.

Being bored

Being bored

You might be displeased with certain aspects and feel that the day is not fun enough. So you find a source of entertainment in checking out the latest clothing items not only in your all-time favorite stores, but in as many as you can. You find this enjoyable and a relaxing way for time to pass by.

This can turn out to be a very expensive hobby so you might want to try some other fun activities as well. You might discover that they are more fulfilling and make you feel more alive than buying clothes you barely like and don’t even need.

The desire to be attractive

The desire to be attractive

You might want to be the most attractive and kempt person in the room, no matter where you go. And for that you are willing to sacrifice your budget and to invest as much as you can.

This makes you happy and you don’t really pay attention to what other people are saying. It feels right enough for you and that’s everything that you care about. Just make sure you keep the situation under control in order to avoid going in debt because of this.

Longing to fill emotional holes

Longing to fill emotional holes

Sometimes buying clothes doesn’t have to do with the items themselves. This never-ending hunt for the best clothes might indicate some level of psychological distress that the person is going through.

Sure, not all shopaholics experience this, but it is a frequently encountered situation. It might be the lack of love, frustration or simply one aspect of a person’s life that is incomplete.

Some people just feel empty inside and splurge on clothing purchases to make themselves feel better. It does help for a few hours, days or weeks. But then when you don’t see the novelty in those clothes anymore, the pain might come back so you start the search all over again.

It is important to determine if that happens to you too and to try to fix the issue that is bothering you so much. You might know it better than anyone that you are craving for some closure on a past unpleasant situation than for the newest jeans you find in H&M, so try to deal a bit with that before your budget will become endangered. And if you can’t find a way to successfully do so, do your best to control your urges to purchase so that you will have enough money for everything else.

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