8 Luxury Swimming Pools Around the World

We don’t know about you, but all of this cold weather has us
dreaming of summer. We’re miles away at Margaritaville soaking up the sun,
drinking a cold Pina Colada, and our toes in the cool water while it’s snowing
outside. We’re also thinking of how nice it would feel to sit poolside with the
smell of barbeque wafting through the air while our favorite summer jams play
in the background.

While it’s definitely too early still in the year to think
about going outside for a swim (seriously don’t), it’s never too early to start
planning your summer vacation. And if you’re anything like us, the swimming
area is important. Whether you’re hitting up the beach or planning to spend
some quality time at the resort pool, you want to make sure it’s worth.

Vacation lists usually focus around luxury resorts, exciting
activities, and lakes/beaches, but we figured we would switch it up. Instead of
featuring the world’s most luxurious beaches, we decided to highlight some of
the world’s best swimming pools. We know it might sound kind of odd to plan
your vacation around a swimming pool, but trust us once you see some of the
ones on our list you’ll completely understand.

Also if you’re looking to up your Insta game, any of the
pools on this list will do the trick!

1. Padma Resort Ubud
Infinity Pool

Padma Resort Ubud Infinity Pool

When it comes to pools, one of the biggest draws are
infinity pools hands down. There’s nothing like being in a pool that has no discernible
edge and allows you to immerse yourself in the scenery. And as far as infinity
pools are concerned, the Padma Resort Ubud swimming oasis is one of our

One look at the picture will show you why this beautiful
pool takes our number one spot. The multi-level pool is surrounded by palm
trees, natural rocks, and enveloped in a dense jungle forest. Sitting on the
edge of this pool will make you feel as if you’re in your own private paradise.

Views are also breathtaking regardless of what time of day
you come out. Early morning is really enchanting because you’ll catch the
jungle mists as the day warms up. Fancy a night swim? Float on your back and
stare up at the infinite amount of stars in the sky.


It probably comes as no surprise that this beautiful pool
oasis is located in Bali. After all, the country is infamous for its pristine
pools, beautiful scenery, and of course their commitment to making infinity
pools a staple.

2. One and Only Reethi Rah

One and Only Reethi Rah

We’ll be the first
to admit that the name is rather pretentious and assuming; but one visit to the
One and Only Reethi Rah and you’ll quickly understand why. Or if you simply
plug the hotel into your search engine, you’ll be swarmed with a number of drool
worthy images that might make you pack your things and set off for the hotel

Admittedly, it was
difficult picking just one picture to represent this beautiful pool; especially
since the hotel has many. However, we settled for their main pool as it’s just
so overwhelmingly beautiful. The infinity pool overlooks the hotel’s pristine
beaches and you can relax poolside and soak up the salty ocean air.

Craving a little
privacy? The backside of the pool (and edges since it’s shaped like a lagoon)
are surrounded by dense palm trees that offer some much needed respite from the
hot Caribbean sun and will make you feel as if you’re on your own private


One look at the picture and you can probably tell right away
that this beautiful swimming pool is located in the Maldives. And despite the
hotel’s reputation (it’s always hosting a ton of guests year round), we found
the grounds, pool, and beach to be very quiet. There wasn’t a lot of loud noise
and because of the large size of the beach and pool, we never felt cramped.

3. Grand Wailea

Grand Wailea

For starters, we deserve an award for narrowing down the
images to show you to just one. There are a ton of this amazing pool and
they’re all gorgeous!

Grand Wailea isn’t just a pool; it’s an epic water adventure
that offers fun for the whole family. This hotel “pool” offers around 2,400
square meters of water activity fun and once you take a deeper look at the
hotel’s pool, you’ll wonder why it isn’t considered a water park.

Here you can float along a series of rivers that connect to
nine pools (these rivers also have lazy currents and even whiterwater rapids),
slide down one of their four waterslides, rope swing into a Tarzan themed pool,
swim through waterfalls, or relax in one of their three Jacuzzis.

The coolest featured of this pool (and yes, we know it’s
going to be hard to beat all the activities offered) is definitely the water
elevator. It’s the world’s first of its kind and as an added bonus, it’s been
built into a volcano.


You’ll find this family paradise in Maui, Hawaii. And
despite the description, it is still technically the hotel’s pool although we
like to think of it as a mini water park.

4. Floating Pool Lake Como

Floating Pool Lake Como

Pictures simply don’t do this unique location justice.
Floating on the waters of Lake Como, this beautiful pool features pristine
waters and an unbridled view of the beautiful Lake Como and its dense forests
and mountains enveloping it. It’s really a magical looking place and if you’re
looking for an out of the norm swimming experience, then the floating pool is a

You’ll make your way onto the platform from the hotel where
you’ll leave behind stunning Italian architecture and stone/marble work that
will really solidify the fact that you’re in Italy. Once on the deck, you’ll
feel the gentle sway of the water waves below you and enjoy the cool waters of
the pool that offer a much-needed break from the sun.

So while it may look “gimmicky” at first, we can promise you
that the Floating Pool of Lake Como is one of those experiences that needs to
be on your bucket list.


If you want a dip in this truly unique location, you’ll need
to pack your bags and head out to Lake Como, Italy. So you’ll need your
passport and you’ll also want to be prepared for a long flight. However, this
pool is definitely worth it.  

5. Amangani


These pools are
winter friendly and open year round. Because the pools are heated, they’re
excellent for soaking sore muscles after a long day of being in the cold and
working your body on the slopes.

Located on the edge of a 2,130-meter butte, this outdoor pool offers some of
the most beautiful views in the United States. You’ll be able to see the vistas
of the Grand Tetons and admire the Snake River below you. During your stay, you
can see the snow capped peaks in the distance and still stay warm in the waters
as snow falls around you. Romantic, right?

Worried about
sharing the space with others? Don’t be! This pool is 35 meters so you won’t
feel cramped regardless of how many people are enjoying the waters with you. There’s
also a 10 square meter whirlpool if that’s your thing so you can really take
advantage of soaking your sore muscles to prepare for another day of winter


No passport needed for this one! You’ll find these warm
pools located in Jackson, Wyoming. So if you’ve got winter on your mind still
but want to enjoy a dip in warm water, then this is the perfect vacation
destination for you.

6. Amangiri


Similar to number five (though mostly in name), Amangiri is
a unique pool that’s designed to immerse you into the landscape. The goal is to
make you feel like you’re miles away from civilization and in our opinion,
they’ve done just that. However, you won’t have to worry about making a dash to
the pool in the cold since it’s located in the desert.

Both the pool and hotel were designed to blend seamlessly
into the lush desert landscape and one look at the picture and you’ll
completely agree that they’ve accomplished their goal. The resort itself is
rather secluded too so if you’re looking for a true getaway that takes you away
from civilization (but keeps you close enough for modern conveniences), then
this is your kind of place.

The pool has been carefully cut around a 24-meter high
natural stone escarpment. The real kicker? The escarpment is more than 165
million years old so you’ll be swimming right next to history!

Looking for views? Both the hotel and the pool offer
breathtaking views of the Grand Staircase-Escala and the beautiful desert
landscape. At night you can hear coyotes howling and gaze up at the Milky Way
and millions of stars.


This is another United States destination that won’t require
you to break your passport. Simply hop aboard a plane and head out to Canyon
Point, Utah for this treat.

7. Domus Civita Cave Pool

Domus Civita Cave Pool

You’ll find this gorgeous gem located in the medieval
village of Domus Civita. And while there’s tons to do and see in Domus Civita
(think medieval artwork, ancient caves and tunnels), the biggest draw is
definitely the cave pool.

The cave pool has been built into the caverns and is very
intimate. As you can probably tell from the photo, it’s pretty small. In fact,
only 8 people can slip into the beautiful waters at a given time. It also
features a hot tub that you can relax in.

Because of its limited space, the cave pools have earned an
exclusive reputation meaning that you’ll want to plan ahead and come early if
you want to slip into the waters. While we didn’t have much of a wait to dip
our toes in, it was a wait nonetheless so if you’re looking to dive right in
you’ll want to pick days where the cave pools don’t receive many visitors. And
while that probably seems like a hassle, trust us once you step foot into this
magical oasis you’ll understand why people from all over the world flock to it.


Like most of the pools on our list, you’ll need your
passport for this one. Domus Civita is located in Italy. It’s 62 miles from the
Rome Airport so you’ll also want to be prepared for a bit of a drive. 

8. Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

While all of the
pools on our list are definitely great, Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge may
have one of the coolest. The resort is enveloped by African rondavels and the
pool sits in the middle of it all.

While the pool is
definitely smaller than most on our list (except the cave pools), it’s
definitely one of the most immersive. The infinity edge offers unbridled views
of the rich, dense Tanzanian forests and the mountain peaks in the background
offer some of the best views. And because you’re elevated high above the forest
floor, you’re offer panorama views of the area that will definitely take your
breath away.

Because of the
weather, the pool is open nearly year round so regardless of when you’re
planning a getaway, you can definitely expect to enjoy the Lake Manyara Serena
Safari Lodge pool.


Located in the heart
of Tanzania, this pristine pool is definitely a must visit. And we also highly
recommend staying at the resort for your entire trip. The resort is truly
unique in appearance; it’s definitely not constructed like the usual chain
hotels and will give you a unique Tanzanian experience. You’ll feel as if
you’re truly part of the area.

Ready to make a

Regardless of whether you’re traveling in winter or planning
a summer getaway, these pools are guaranteed to meet your needs while offering
some of the best views in the world. Whether it’s a winter getaway to a
tropical destination or you’re looking for some warm water to chill out in
after spending a day on the slopes, you’ll find the perfect place on our list.

So which ones appeal to you the most? Did we leave out your
favorite pool destination? If so, we’d love to hear all about it and add it to
our list!

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