The Best Bluetooth Speakers to Fit Your Portable Music Needs

Ever since they hit the market, portable smart speakers have
been insanely popular. When they first launched, you were limited to your
home’s Wi-Fi if you wanted to enjoy your music on something other than your
computer or phone speakers. This severely limited travel options and even going
outside your house to the backyard meant you were sacrificing music quality.
And even if they’re battery powered, you’re still traversing sketch waters as
most aren’t waterproof and don’t offer many hours of enjoyment on the

Enter the new generation of portable speakers. Companies
recognized the problems of the previous generations and stepped up their game
so we can step up our music. So now whether you’re looking to pump up your
favorite jams during a beach volleyball session, want to relax outside to some
slow music while you stargaze, or want to take your music with you while you
float the river with friends, they’ve got you covered.

However, not all Bluetooth speakers are created equal. Many
still aren’t water and shockproof meaning that you’re still very limited with
where the speakers can and can’t go. Others have sacrificed music quality in
order to insure that they bring you something nearly indestructible. But let’s
be honest; with the sound quality you’d get out of these speakers, you could
just use your new water resistant smart phone for a comparable music

This prompted us to create a list of our personal favorites
in the Bluetooth speaker world. We wanted to make sure that the product you buy
ticks all the boxes you have in mind. Like many of our lists, we’ve featured
some expensive and budget friendly speakers so that you have a variety to
choose from. So with the formalities out of the way, let’s get started!

1. UE Boom 3

UE Boom 3

The UE Boom 3 takes the first spot on our list because it
checks all the boxes that you’re looking for when it comes to a portable
Bluetooth Speaker. It’s got a very sleek, clean, attractive design that comes
in a number of colors and sizes.

While there are definitely bigger and better competitors in
the market, we would take the Boom 3 over them any day. None of the others
quite match the convenience and fun of these. For its size, you can expect
balanced sound with lots of mids, lows, and of course bass. In our opinion,
it’s one of the better sounding speakers; especially for its size.

The cylinder is also waterproof and shock resistant so it’s
perfect for a trip to the pool or beach. Plus you’ll get 15 hours of playtime
on a charge so you don’t have to worry about it cutting off right in the middle
of your favorite jams. So feel free to party all night! The Boom 3 has you

As far as Bluetooth range goes, this one offers you 100 feet
of it. This means you’re free to leave your phone in the car and still enjoy
your music without being tethered to your smart phone.  


You can expect to pay around $150 for these speakers. It’s
definitely one of the pricier ones on our list but honestly given the specs,
it’s a steal for that price. The company also offers a 2-year warranty on the
speakers so if anything goes wrong they’ll replace them.

2. Braven BRV1BCB BRV-1 Portable Wireless Speaker

Braven BRV1BCB BRV-1 Portable Wireless Speaker

Admittedly, the name of this one is a mouthful and looks
more like something you’d heart over the ham radio than a product you’d
purchase on Amazon. However, don’t let the name deter you from this quality
wireless speaker.

We’ll be honest here: it isn’t the best-looking speaker on
the list. It’s rather plain and limited in color options. You can choose from
solid black or black and cyan. It’s also the other generation model and Braven
has since upped its game. However, it’s easily the most durable speaker on this

Story time! Two years ago we went on a river float along the
Guadalupe in New Braunsfels with friends. Our tube got punctured on some rocks
and flipped over. Us, our rapidly deflating tube, and the speaker (which was
fully submerged) were drug along the shallows across rocks by the heavy
current. We emerged very battered, bruised, and bloodied and with a busted tube
but the speaker was fine. Not even a scratch! It had been fully submerged for
probably around 5 minutes but continued to play music as if it hadn’t just been
drug along some rocks.  

Sound quality wise, it’s pretty decent and you can expect
around 20 hours of runtime after it’s been fully charged. You do need to be
semi close to your device, which is a bit of a drag but if you’re looking for
something that can survive anything, then this is your speaker.


At the time we bought this speaker, it was still pretty new
so we paid around $50 for it on Amazon. Now that Braven has brought out their
latest generations, you can expect to pay $36.80 on Amazon. So if you’re
looking for something budget friendly, then this is definitely the one you’ll
want to pick.

3. LG XBoom Go PK5

LG XBoom Go PK5

We’ll be honest here: we’re a sucker for a good-looking
Bluetooth speaker. Sure, we’re obviously more interested in the specs rather
than how it looks on the outside, but first impressions are everything and we
were immediately drawn in. refers to as a “porta party” and once you read the
specs, you’ll quickly understand why. The LG Pk5 is the perfect speaker for outdoors
and backyard events (although it’s a great party starter indoors as well). Not
only does it have great sound quality, which we’ll take about in a moment, but
also the bright lights you see on the outside are beat driven. This means that
not only will you have a great music setup, but you’ll also have party lights
that will really wow your guests!

The speaker puts out impressive forward-firing sound with
decent bass compliments of Meridian Audio. And because it’s LG, you can rest
assured that you’ll hear all the ranges of the music you’re playing.

You’ll also be able to keep the party lit for up to 18 hours
thanks to the Pk5’s impressive battery life. However, it will take four hours
to fully charge so you’ll want to charge it ahead of time.


You’ll pay about $77 for this beauty making it a budget friendly
option for those looking for a good Bluetooth speaker. And honestly, you
probably won’t find a better looking one for that price either.

4. JBL Pulse 2

JBL Pulse 2

Like the LG XBoom Go PK5, we were immediately drawn to this
speaker because of its appearance. At its birth, the Pulse was created to
compete with the variety of cylindrical portable Bluetooth Speakers. The
company wanted something that could stand against the UE Boom and the Beats
Pill. Appearance wise, it definitely does just that.

So how does it stack up spec wise? The Pulse 2 took lessons
from it’s first generation pulse and placed bass radiators at both ends of the
cylinder in order to achieve a wider range of sound quality and project it. At
max volume we didn’t really encounter much static or “noise” so that was a
definite bonus.

Now let’s talk about the cool light features of this beast. It
features eight lighting effects that are controlled through an app on your
phone. The lights are powered by 100 LED lights and create some a beautiful
light show to accompany your music. So what are the eight lighting effects? You
can choose from fire, rain, firefly, stars, canvas, traffic, hourglass and

The only drawback that we see is that it’s splash proof
rather than water proof so if you’re planning on taking it near water, you’ll
want to take some serious precautions. However, it was likely designed as more
of an indoor party machine as opposed to an outdoor speaker.


The prices vary on these speakers depending on what website
you order through. If you want to order it from JBL’s website, you’ll shell out
the full price of $139.99. You’ll also receive a warranty with your purchase.

Want to save money? Newegg has it for $79.98 but without the

5. UE Megablast

UE Megablast

You’re probably looking at the above image and thinking it
looks almost exactly like the Boom 3 (number 1 on our list). No, we didn’t add
the wrong image this is what the Megablast looks like. The speakers are
available in wide variety of colors like the Megablast so you’ll have plenty to
choose from.

So since the appearance is nearly exactly the same, what makes
these different from the Boom3? Well for starters, they’re integrated with
Amazon’s Alexa. This means that if you’re looking for both a great sounding
Bluetooth Speaker and an assistant, then these speakers were designed for you.
Keep in mind though that Alexa requires internet to assist you so if you’re
planning on traveling with these, you won’t be able to take Alexa with you.

So how’s it sound? Well, like the Boom 3 it’s designed to
pump out some seriously quality audio without a ton of background noise/static
even when cranked to the maximum. It features a variety of ranges and the bass
is also definitely prevalent in the speakers.

Size wise, it’s equal to a 24-ounce can of beer or Arizona
tea so it’s a bit bulky to tote around. However what it lacks in portability
convenience it makes up for in durability. The Megablast is waterproof so it’ll
feel right at home sitting poolside.


The price is about as big as these speakers at a whopping
$200. However, you are getting both Alexa and a high end Bluetooth speaker so
the price really isn’t that outrageous. After all, you’d spend around $50-$75
at the low end for just Alexa by herself. You can also purchase it through
Amazon for $193.99 so you’ll save a little money off the original price as well
as shipping costs if you have Prime.

6. Scosche BoomBottle MM

Scosche BoomBottle MM

The BoomBottle is easily the Swiss Army knife of Bluetooth
speakers. Looking at the above picture you’ll see why we call it that. The
speaker features a bottle opener so you’ll never have to resort to popping open
a bottle top with your keys or asking around for a bottle opener. It also has
strong magnets on both ends (don’t worry about your devices; the magnets are
safe) meaning that you can connect your device or keys straight onto the
speakers. You can also connect the speakers onto any metal surface for some
really interesting positions.

The BoomBottle Magic Mount also isn’t lacking in the audio
quality area either. It’s roughly the size of a 16-ounce drink so it’s rather
impressive that it can pump out such impressive audio. The bass isn’t the
strongest in the game, but it features a variety of ranges and once again at
max volume you won’t experience that irritating grainy noise quality.

Taking this baby on the go? The BoomBottle is completely
waterproof and incredibly durable so feel free to take it to the beach, hiking,
bike riding, or anywhere that you want to go outdoors. Once it’s fully charged
you can enjoy up to 15 hours of play time so regardless of what you have
planned for the day, these speakers are up to the challenge.


Shockingly the BoomBottle isn’t overpriced considering the
quality and features. You’ll pay $130 for the product, which is definitely
comparable to others we’ve featured on this list as well as its competitors’

Who’s ready to party?

Now that you’ve gone through the list of our favorite Bluetooth speakers we’d like to know which ones you found the most interesting. Are you an appearance snob like us and are drawn to the Pulse 2 and Xboom? Or are you more into practicality and are now eyeing the Braven device? We’d also love to know if you have a Bluetooth speaker that you swear by that you think deserves a spot on our list.

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