10 Fabulous Jewelry Designs and Style In 2019-20

Buying design jewelry gives a high to most women. They get super kicked seeing new designs and trends that hit the market. Unique jewelry is available from body jewelry shopsonline. From nose rings to unique cartilage earrings, you’ll get to choose the design you love.

1. Gold
nose ring

Nose ring
trend never goes out of style. Women love to experiment with different nose
ring styles and designs. Choose a gold nose ring for its innovative design and
great comfort. Body jewelry shopsoffer
great discounts on the purchase of gold nose rings.

Cartilage earrings

Cartilage earrings
styles have changed and how. There are new designs that are being introduced
each day. The earrings look fab when teamed up with your casual dresses. Unique cartilage earrings define your style and make you look

Gemstone studs

You can
experiment with gemstone studs that make a difference in your look. The best
part is you can personalize your look to create a style of your own. Choose
your gemstone and flaunt your jewelry in style, as it’s the season to flaunt.

Seamless rings

rings are in vogue, perfect for nipples, and nose. Seamless rings are
comfortable and easy to use. The best part is you can use the rings according
to available sizes. The body jewelry
shop offers a range of seamless rings.

5. Chain

necklaces look stylish and trendy. A chain necklace can be teamed up with your
casual and floral dresses. It is available in gold and silver variants and that
makes it look uber cool. This season chain necklace will surely make a

6. Back

diamond studs are common but have you tried back studs. It seems back studs are
in vogue this season. Back studs look petty and you can style it according to
your choice of unique cartilage
earrings.Body jewelry shopsprovide
great deals on the purchase of back studs.

7. Belly

If you got a
great body, then why now show it. Belly rings are in trend this season and you
can wear the rings in different styles. Belly rings look great with crop tops
as it gives you a sexy look. Choose a belly ring from body jewelry shops.

Labrets and flat back earrings

Labrets look
best with any dress style. You can also wear it along with unique cartilage earrings. It is available in different sizes
so you can take your pick. Flatback diamond style is the most preferred option
in this.

9. Hoops
and captives

Hoops look
great with any style of dress. You can choose a segmented style and seamless
ring hoop. You can also choose a twisted captive bead that looks amazing with
any style. A diamond seamless ring hoop is also the most preferred option. Buy
one from a body jewelry shop.

 10. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings in jewelry design are here to stay. It looks amazing with your choice of maxi dresses. Pearl style earrings are available online; you can buy from the body jewelry shop.

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